Loetz Glass

By the early 1880s the Loetz works in Bohemia had acquired a reputation as a manufacturer of fine glass and introduced innovative glass types and production techniques. Read more about Loetz Glass

  • LOETZ Silberiris II, Vase

  • Loetz ‘Phanomen’ for Bakalowits

  • Loetz Crystal Optic Bowl

  • Loetz ‘Arcadia’ bowl

  • Loetz ‘Onyx’ Vase

  • Pair of Loetz ‘Carneol’ Vases

  • LOETZ ‘Cisele’ Vases

  • LOETZ ‘Onyx’ Vase

  • LOETZ ‘Carneol’ Vase

  • LOETZ Candia ‘Papillon’ Vase

  • LOETZ ‘Spiraloptisch’ Vase

  • Loetz ‘Cisele’ Vase

  • LOETZ ‘Neptun’ Pitcher

  • LOETZ ‘Neptun’ Vase

  • LOETZ ‘Rusticana’ Vase

  • LOETZ ‘ Ausfuhrung 134 ‘ Bowl


    LOETZ ‘Papillon’ bowl

  • LOETZ ‘Neptun’ Vase/Jug

  • LOETZ ‘Mimosa’ Vase